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IRG-RAIL 6th Annual Market Monitoring Report sent to EU Commission

Chair Andrea Camanzi: “A great job and collaboration of independent regulatory bodies within IRG-Rail” “Passengers in high-speed rail transport increase in EU countries with «Open Access» regulatory models”

IRG-Rail Chair Andrea Camanzi has transmitted to the EU Commission the Sixth Annual Report on the rail market monitoring of 28 EU countries, as updated 2016.

Commenting on the 6th Market Monitoring Report, Camanzi underlined "the extraordinary value of the document, which confirms, this year, too, the quality of the work and collaboration within IRG Rail".

"Among the many data - added Camanzi - particular attention deserves the passenger growth in high-speed services and the more efficient use of infrastructure capacity, especially in countries where an "Open Access" regulatory model is already in place".

The IRG-Rail Sixth Market Monitoring Report focused, in particular, on the national regulatory practices, as well as on the practices for monitoring the quality of rail passenger services.

As for the relationship between demand (in passenger-km) and supply (in train-km), France ranks first (217) followed by Italy (162), above the average value (128) of 28 IRG-Rail member countries.

Rail market monitoring is an essential tool to enhance market transparency, identify the areas that need to be addressed by Regulatory Bodies and encourage market operators to improve service quality.


Turin, 29 March 2018



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