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IRG-Rail welcomes & supports European Year of Rail 2021

The rail regulatory bodies of IRG-Rail welcome the European Year of Rail 2021 and the commitment of the European Commission and others backing this initiative. In its first session of the year, on 26 and 27 May, IRG-Rail’s Plenary Assembly voiced its support for the European Year of Rail and its goals.

The European Commission’s goals of #EUYearofRail are to boost cross European railway connections and to foster smart and sustainable mobility. IRG-Rail supports this initiative as the following objectives presented in the IRG-Rail 2021-24 Strategy Document to promote

  • effective and efficient regulation applied consistently across Europe,
  • a resilient, open and sustainable European railway sector,
  • best regulatory practice for the benefit of passengers and rail freight users,

are in line with the European Commission’s goals.

IRG-Rail is continuously seeking to support railways as one of the most sustainable and safest modes of transport playing an important role in the future of Europe's mobility system. Rail transport is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It is one of the most important modes of transport reducing CO2 emissions while experiencing increasing number of passengers and volumes of freight.

Railways in Europe form a complex system of different networks, actors and legislators. Effective regulation and regulators are indispensable for this complex framework to help meet the goals of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

In particular, the members of IRG-Rail are focused on implementing effective regulation by fostering transparent, non-discriminatory and appropriate access to railway infrastructure in order to safeguard effective competition. Promoting an open competitive and fair market within the rail sector and across all transport modes and removing barriers that limit or entirely prevent the arrival of new entrants is one of IRG-Rail key goals.

In addition, it has always been and remains among IRG-Rail’s purposes to speak at the European Union level with a unified voice representing regulatory bodies highlighting the importance of removing obstacles to strengthen and develop the railways in Europe.

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